Mixing of fertilizers and industrial products.

"Terminal-Lysva" Ltd. has its own production base.

The technological equipment allows to prepare dry mixtures of two or more components. 

You will get a ready dry mixture of high-quality components in the required volume and on the basis of the given proportions on time.

  • Dry mixture is a mixture of components with the same physical conditions, which are well mixed among them. 
  • The сomposition of dry mixtures is mixed according to the technical specification.
  • The technology allows to prepare mixtures in strictly metered proportions with equal mixing of products to obtain a mixture according to the customer's parameters.

The technology 

  • Technological equipment allows to dry components up to the required moisture from 30% up to 2%.
  • The process of moisture’s removal from the bulk material is made by thermal treatment.
  • Homogeneity of material by moisture characteristics is provided at the outlet from a dryer.
  • The mixing of products is implemented by the dispense with great accuracy.
Mixing mineral fertilizers (blending) Mixing of industrial products
Mixing different types of fertilizers is used to produce unique fertilizer formulas, which are necessary for different types of soils and plants grown on them. 
Mixing mineral fertilizers helps to reduce the application costs of fertilizers as well as to enhance quality of some of them.
Allows to significantly reduce the cost of solution preparation;
Transport cost reduction;
Reduce the load on supply services;
Eliminate the need to purchase and install technological equipment to prepare drilling mixtures at the site of the work.


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