On the 5th of December World Soil Day is celebrated

Nowadays, in order to reduce costs, agricultural producers are most likely to think about crops, but not about the quality of soil.

Harvesting through the soil is a dead end, a path to a regular decrease in productivity, a path to soil infertility.
Productivity of land is limited by the element which is in a deficit, based on fundamental law of ecology- low of minimum by Liebig.

Therefor it is important to maintain the optimum substance of each elements of nutrition.

Today we would like to draw your attention to the balanced nutrition of the soil. 

The application of nitrogen ammonium nitrate to achieve quick results is often accompanied by significant waste of money instead of saving. Nitrogen nitrate is needed for the plant only at the earlier stage of development and no more than 15% of all the nitrogen applied. 
And how much phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium and microelements are excreted each year with the crop? 

Think about whether application of nitrogen nitrate is enough to make up for soil loss?
Complex fertilizers are more favorable for the soil.
And it is not as expensive as it might seem. You can find a worthy fertilizer with a balanced composition from 10 000 RUB/ton.

Every day we are looking for different ways to reduce the cost of complex fertilizers so that farms with any budget can make up for removal and return back nutrition to the soil.

Today, on the Soil Day, we urge you to think about the preservation of soil fertility, because this is the key to the future of our country.